Frequently Asked Questions

If I buy a pub, how long is delivery?

We estimate around 21 days from your purchase date, to order, manufacture and deliver your very own pop up party pub!

If I hire a pub, how long do I have it for?

The party pub is yours for approx 24 hrs. 1. We would drop off and set up the pub in the morning/early afternoon. 2. Your party would take place (probably into the late hours of the evening!) 3. We would then pick it up the next morning. 4. For an example, we could say: Drop off = 11am Saturday Party = Saturday afternoon/evening Pick up = 11am Sunday 5. We can also offer longer periods of availability, for an extra nightly charge (Please contact for more info).

Are there any weather restrictions?

Whilst our pubs can be used under many conditions (hot and cold, wet and dry) we would recommend being alert during extreme conditions (such as high winds or strong hail storms) for safety and potentially advise temporary deflation.

Is a deposit required?

We normally do not ask for a deposit, however during busier months a deposit may be requested, or for large events that require extra planning.

What areas do you cover?

We support events across the North West of the UK. Delivery is free within a 40-mile radius from Liverpool City Centre. Please enquire for more information.

Can I pick and mix what extra items I hire?

Yes you can always add what you want! Give us a call or message and we can scale up or scale down the package as required, whether you want to ditch the laser lights or go full on party mode and include our wow-factor smoke machine, the level of 'extra-ness' is up to you!

Do I need to supply electricity?

We do rely on onsite electricity to be provided, however we provide all extra cabling and extension leads that run our products from your outlet.